Weekend Update 12/17/2023

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Markets higher for 7th straight week as Fed signals end of #RisingYields

🧊 Inflation cools. November CPI rose just 0.1% M/M with Core CPI up 0.3% in-line with expectations. Inflation has considerably pulled back over the past half year. This progress is boding well for the ideal #Goldilocks soft landing.

🎉 End of Rising Yields. It was a dovish final Fed meeting of 2023. Powell signaled the Fed is comfortable with the inflation decline progress and shifting focus towards a more balanced perspective. In addition, the new dot plot forecasts 3 rate cuts next year.

🔥 Market gains continue. Another green week marks the 7th straight up week for the S&P 500. Markets had been rallying since November in anticipation of the end of #RisingYields and that’s exactly what they got from the Fed this week.

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