Get up to 1% Match on Auto Deposits this Summer!

Set your investments on cruise control this summer with Dollar Cost Averaging and earn up to 1% match on auto deposits.

Enjoy your summer more with our 1% match on auto deposits! We’ll match up to 1% of your auto deposits through the end of August up to $10,000. All auto deposits must be initiated and received by the end of August. Rewards will be based on Net Auto Deposit Tiers (see table below).

Net Auto Deposit Tier 1Reward PointsRedemption Value 2

Promotion Period starts May 18, 2023 and ends August 31, 2023. To qualify for the promotion, a qualifying user’s account must be open with qualifying deposit(s) received within the Promotion Period. This promotion may be modified, canceled or withdrawn at any time at Ursa’s sole discretion. All rewards subject to all terms and conditions of our Ursa Reward Program Terms.
1 Net Auto Deposit Tier is based on an account’s net transfers (cumulative auto deposits less all withdrawals) during the Promotion Period. Users will only receive the Promotion Rewards for highest Net Auto Deposit Tier achieved (rewards are not cumulative). Accounts must maintain their Net Auto Deposit Tier or higher for 90 days following the Promotion Period or Promotion Rewards may be forfeited.
2 Promotion Rewards will be distributed as Reward Points within 5 business days of the end of Promotion Period. Reward Points are redeemable for portfolio stock in 10,000 point increments ($10). Unredeemed Reward Points hold no monetary value. Once redeemed, monetary value of Reward Points must be held in accounts for at least 1 year before withdrawn. Closed accounts forfeit any redeemed Reward Points monetary value not held for at least 1 year.