Weekend Update 4/2/2023

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Bullish market as banking crisis and inflation fears fade

🏦   Banking concerns ease. The top 25 banks saw deposits rise $120B while 850 small banks lost $108B. While large banks are definitely benefiting from small bank runs fears from the #BankingCrisis, deposit outflows aren’t as bad as feared.

🛍   Strong retail outlook. The National Retail Federation is forecasting retail sales to grow 4% to 6% Y/Y this year. 2023’s growth outlook follows 7% growth in 2022 and above the pre-pandemic average of 4%. Seems #ConsumerNoConfidence worries are starting to ease.

🧊   Cooling inflation. New PCE data shows inflation rising +5% Y/Y in February down from 5.3% in January. More market optimism as investors eyeing end of #RisingYields with lower inflation and potentially avoiding #Recession2023.

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