Weekend Update 3/26/2023

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Growth pulls ahead as banking crisis limits the Fed’s options…

🏦   Global banking worries. The week opened with global bank UBS buying beleaguered rival Credit Suisse. While #BankingCrisis fears are easing, global concerns resurfaced with German lender Deutsche Bank falling as much as -15% intraday Friday in European markets.

🧐   End of rising yields? The Fed raised rates by another 25bps, but signaled #RisingYields likely nearing its end. While #InflationFears remains stubbornly high, the Fed options are limited with a growing #BankingCrisis to contend with.

🥳   Risk party. #RiskOn Growth outperformed #Flight2Safety Value names by 2% last week and now by 6% YTD. Investors continue to be extremely optimistic for a market bottom near-term and a quick Fed rate hike reversal pivot.

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