Earn entries for a chance to win $100 in portfolio stock!

We’re giving away $100 worth of portfolio stock in March! You can earn entries by mining Reward Points in-app daily. 1

Each Reward Point collected in March is worth 1 entry. We’ll select a winner at random at the end of the month. Collect your Reward Points daily to increase your chance to win! 2

Earn extra entries for new referrals in March! You can earn 500 extra entries for every new referral and boost that to 2,000 entries if they fund their account! 3

A winner will be randomly selected at the end of the month and receive $100 worth of portfolio stock! 4 5

Stock Mining?

Our Stock Mining Program is designed to encourage building a long-term investing habit. You can β€œmine” stock rewards by collecting points daily! You can bolster your earnings rate through interaction and account growth. See full the program terms here.

Promotion Period starts March 1, 2023 and ends March 31, 2023. To qualify for the promotion, a Qualifying User must have signed up on Ursa’s platform with a verified email prior to the end of the Promotion Period. Ursa reserves the right to disqualify any user or account for fraud, deception, manipulation, illegal activity or other violation at its sole discretion. This promotion may be modified, canceled or withdrawn at any time at Ursa’s sole discretion. All rewards subject to all terms and conditions of our Ursa Reward Program Terms.

1 Qualifying Users can collect or “mine” Reward Points daily in the Ursa app. The amount of Reward Points collected starts at 5 points per day and can be increased through app interactions and account growth including check-in streaks, accounts opened, net deposits and referred accounts. See our Ursa Reward Program Terms for full details.

2 Giveaway Entries can be earned through collecting Reward Points daily. Qualifying Users will earn a Giveaway Entry for each Reward Point collected during the Promotion Period.

3 Additional Giveaway Entries can be earned through Qualifying Referrals during the Promotion Period. A Qualifying Referral is when a Referee signs up for Ursa with a verified email using the Referrer’s unique referral code. An additional 500 Giveaway Entries can be earned for each Qualifying Referral during the Promotion Period. A Qualifying Referral Account is when a Referee signs up for Ursa, completes the onboarding process to open an account and successfully funds their account from a linked bank account. The Bonus Giveaway Entries will be increased to 2,000 entries for each Qualifying Referral Account during the Promotion Period.

4 The Giveaway Winner will be selected at random at the end of the Promotion Period. A Qualifying User’s odds of winning the contest can be calculated as (# of their entries) / (# of total entries). The Giveaway Reward will be distributed to the Giveaway Winner as 100,000 Ursa Reward Points.

5 Users must fully open an account with Ursa to redeem their Reward Points. Reward Points are redeemable for portfolio stock in 10,000 point increments ($10). Unredeemed points hold no monetary value. Once redeemed, monetary value of reward point redemption must be held in accounts for at least 1 year before withdrawn. Closed accounts forfeit any redeemed rewards not held for at least 1 year.