Weekend Update 12/18/2022

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Markets cheer lower inflation, but higher rates and recession driving new year fears

💸  Inflation slides. Nov CPI slowed more than expected just up 7.1% (vs. 7.3% expected and 7.8% in Oct). Markets cheered better #InflationFears data despite services inflation still sticky and high.

🏦  Hikes slow, but to continue. As expected, Fed slowed #RisingYields with 50bps hike. Fed rate is now 4.25-4.5% and expected to climb past 5% at peak (implying 75bps to go). Powell noted slowing inflation encouraging, but still ways to go. Markets reverse early week gains from CPI data cheer.

😬  Recession fears. Global recession fears building with likely prolonged #RisingYields for US and internationally. Investors shifting from bullish reduced #InflationFears sentiment to bearish rising #RecessionWatch concerns. S&P 500 ends down -2% for the week.

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