Weekend Update 12/11/2022

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Hike deceleration cheer fades with CPI and Fed on tap

😬  Recession fears. #RecessionWatch fears with US CEO survey expecting slower hiring, softer sales and less capital investment near-term. Walmart CEO commented consumers stressed and forced to prioritize spending pressured by #InflationFears.

🙄  Pivot rally reverses (again). Strong labor and economic data has Fed pivot sentiment reversing yet again. Market volatility continues with every small datapoint scrutinized from all angles. S&P 500 finishes down -3% for week ahead of CPI and Fed next week.

🇨🇳  China easing restrictions. China easing #COVID19 restrictions likely due to protests last week and faltering #RecessionWatch economic growth. China #COVID19 policies closely watched for impact on supply chains and large contribution to global economy.

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