Weekend Update 10/16/2022

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October rally fades as new CPI data comes in hotter

🔥  Inflation stays hot. September 12-month CPI grew 8.2%. It was slightly down from August’s 8.3%, but above the expected 8.1%. Rollercoaster for markets despite initial plummet finished up +3% on Thursday. Then, stubborn #InflationFears reality set in Friday with over -2% pullback. S&P 500 finishes down -1.5% for week.

🤔  Recession thoughts. Initial bullish CPI sentiment likely driven by peaking optimism with investors too eager to move beyond #InflationFears. While we are cautiously optimism the market is closing in on its bottom, stubborn #InflationFears, steepening #RisingYields and #RecessionWatch magnitude uncertainty are still near-term headwinds to work through.

️⛅️  Earnings optimism. Q3 earnings season kicked off this week. Definitely low expectations, but many companies reported upside. Small bright spot in #InflationFears dominated week. Overall, #ConsumerNoConfidence not here yet with spending still strong, but companies continue to prepare with #CorporateBeltTightening.

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