Weekend Update 9/11/2022

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Markets shake off Russia escalating energy conflict

️⚡️  Nord Stream pipeline shutdown. Russia’s key Nord Stream pipeline remained shut beyond 3-day maintenance. Originally closed to fix leak, Russia now suspending output until ‘collective West’ lifts sanctions in #UkraineCrisis. Russia also to retaliate if price cap imposed on Russian oil.

📈  Inflation optimism resurfacing. After a 3-week market pullback, investors getting optimistic again hoping for a much lower-than-expected CPI readout to make Fed rethink expected 75 bps #RisingYields hike. S&P 500 rebounded up +4% last week.

✈️  Travel refueled. US airline traffic topped pre-pandemic 2019 levels for first-time over Labor Day weekend. Strong holiday weekend following bookings drop last week. Plus more #RevengeTravel cheer with major US airline United’s boosted outlook.

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