Weekend Update 7/24/2022

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Snapchat outlook warning topples strong consumer sentiment

🥳  Consumer power. While last month #ConsumerNoConfidence sentiment drove markets lower, earnings are proving resilient and near-term concerns may be overblown. Strong midweek rally with S&P 500 up +4%.

👻  Rally snapped. Sentiment soured with Snap warning inability to provide outlook due to “uncertainties” from #RecessionWatch macro environment. Not great when a company can’t produce a forecast for itself. Ad spending typically leading indicator of consumer demand. S&P 500 falls -1% Friday, but still finishing week up +2.5%.

🏭  CHIPS moves forward. Senate moves CHIPS Act forward with 64-34 vote. Bill grants ~$54B subsidies and 4-year 25% tax credit to encourage building #MadeintheUSA semiconductor fabs in US for national security. Semi names have been running with deal looking imminent.

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