Weekend Update 6/20/2022

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Markets sink with Fed forced to aggressively hike rates to combat surging inflation

⚔️  Fed on offense. Fed hiked rates by 75 bps-largest in 28 years. Last week’s higher CPI sent Fed scrambling to stymie out-of-control #InflationFears#RisingYields expected to end year up an additional 175 bps to 3.4%. We expect Fed to maintain aggressive stance front-loading rate hikes to curb inflation at all costs.

📉  Incoming recession? With persistent elevated #InflationFears and ongoing supply chain disruptions from #UkraineCrisis and #COVID19 China lockdowns, it’s less and less likely an aggressive Fed can softly land the economy. With #RecessionWatch odds and severity increasing, investors fleeing markets sending S&P 500 down -6% last week.

💻  Tech layoffs. With #RecessionWatch likely incoming and weak #ConsumerNoConfidence signals, tech layoffs have begun following hiring freezes a month ago. Some companies reducing headcount significantly by up to 20-25%. After minimal impact from past recessions (2008 Financial Crisis and 2020 COVID19), looks like the tech party may be over.

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