Weekend Update 4/10/2022

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Fed looking to spread its wings to aggressively combat #InflationFears

📈  Yields spike. Fed March meeting minutes released signaled very hawkish discussions around raising yields in 0.5% increments and starting balance sheet reduction as soon as May. Fed looks to be VERY aggressive with #RisingYields to combat #InflationFears. 10-year treasury yield spiked +14% to new YTD highs.

✈️  Flight to safety. High-growth technology names led markets lower on #RisingYields and more reports of consumer demand weakness. Growth fell almost -3% with #Flight2Safety Value relatively flat. S&P 500 ends down -1% for the week.

🦠  China COVID surge. #COVID19 continues to surge in Shanghai with 21K cases announced on Friday. China extended lockdown restrictions to entire 25M population. Supply chain concerns brewing driving already weak Consumer names lower. Consumer Discretionary ends down -3% for week.

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