Weekend Update 3/27/2022

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Strong semi rally on Senate hearing for US foundry manufacturing funding

🛡  Biden visits NATO. President Biden traveled to NATO HQ in Belgium for discussions on ongoing #UkraineCrisis. Cautious market optimism with more cooperation, additional sanctions and forceful condemnation of Putin. S&P 500 maintains rally up another +2% last week.

💸  Rising yields chatter. Barely a week out from March meeting and investors already speculating on the next #RisingYields hike. Powell indicated Fed potentially prepared to raise rates by 0.5% at next May meeting if “a more restrictive stance” is required. 10-year treasury yield surged +16% last week adding to YTD highs.

🏭  Semi Senate talks. Multiple semi companies testify in Senate hearing for #MadeintheUSA foundry funding. Significantly large semi manufacturing share in Asia with #COVID19 restrictions and logistical impact driving current #SemiShortage environment.

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