Weekend Update 3/20/2022

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Fed finally hikes yields amid #UkraineCrisis and new #COVID19 China lockdowns

🏦  Fed hikes rate. No surprise, Powell announced Fed Rate hiked by 0.25%. Increasingly more hawkish (likely overcompensating for misjudging “interim” inflation last year), Fed forecasts 6 more rate hikes this year exiting at ~1.9%. Welcome to the Age of #RisingYields.

️🛢  Crude oil moderates. Crude oil pricing pulled back as much as -25% from flirtations with $130 highs. Market sentiment bullish this week largely on ongoing #UkraineCrisis ceasefire talks and potentially reduced demand from #COVID19 China lockdowns. S&P 500 surged +6% this week led by Growth rebound up +8%.

🦠 China lockdowns. #COVID19 cases surging in China causing lockdowns including Shenzhen home to major electronics assembler Foxconn. Potential near-term economic impact from reimposed restrictions contributing to moderating oil prices.

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