Weekend Update 3/6/2022

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Ukraine continues resisting Putin aggression on infrastructure and civilians

☢️  Nuclear threat. More escalation in #UkraineCrisis as Putin’s forces attack infrastructure including a nuclear power plant fire that fortunately was put out without dangerous radiation leakage. Markets continue volatility with S&P 500 down again -1% for the week.

🛬  Travel grounded. #UkraineCrisis escalation has take the wind out of #RevengeTravel sails especially as escalating conflict appears longer-lasting. Travel names pummeled as countries close airspace to Russia, fuel (energy) prices surging and overall European continent uncertainty.

💸  War inflation. Fed Chair Powell noted #UkraineCrisis may be bolstering #InflationFears near-term and signaled likely rate hike in upcoming March meeting. 10-year treasury yield toppled -13% last week. New CPI data this coming week expected to hit 8%.

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