Weekend Update 2/27/2022

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Market optimism despite Russian invasion of Ukraine

⚔️  Ukraine invasion. After weeks of #UkraineCrisis escalation, Russia invaded Ukraine on Wednesday night (US time). US and other NATO nations retaliated by imposing severe sanctions on Russia with little deterrence impact so far. Initially plummeting -3% premarket, S&P 500 rallied ending up +1.5% on Thursday.

🗣  Russia ready to talk? Russia agreed to send a delegation to not-so-neutral Belarus to talk with Ukraine. Despite Russia continuing assault in the meantime, markets continue rally Friday on glimmer of hope for speedy #UkraineCrisis resolution. S&P 500 up +2% Friday and ends week up +1%.

🚚  Freedom Convoy protests. Lost in Ukraine news cycle, anti-#COVID19 trucker protest Freedom Convoy upended cross-border trade between 🇺🇸 and 🇨🇦. Likely disrupting auto industry production for several weeks adding on to existing #SupplyScare issues.

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