Weekend Update 2/21/2022

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Ukraine escalation accelerating through weekend…

⚔️  Ukraine escalating. Putin escalating #UkraineCrisis declaring two pro-Russia eastern territories independent and moving troops in for “peacekeeping”. Volatile market all week initially rising on Putin’s diplomatic head fake early before tumbling on steady escalation. S&P 500 rose +1% thru Wed before ending down -1.5% for the week.

💸  No Fed surprises. Fed’s Jan meeting minutes released with no surprises unlike Dec’s hawkish surprise. While definitely likely to be more aggressive with #RisingYields to combat #InflationFears, minutes didn’t surprise investors and actually soothed more hawkish fears.

🤗  Omicron recovery. Lost in the Ukraine news cycle, #COVIDRecovery momentum picking up with Omicron cases in sharp decline. #RevengeTravel names were one of the few bright spots last week.

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