Weekend Update 1/2/2022

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Investors pullback on NYE euphoria on high valuation concerns

🎅  Santa Rally fizzles. Seasonal Santa Rally started strong on Monday up +1.4% before fizzling out through remainder of low volume holiday week. S&P 500 ends slightly up +1%. Investors seem cautious following strong market year up over +25%.

🐭  Cautious investors. With another strong Growth performance year-to-date, investors timid in 2021’s final week. Lots of rotation into #Flight2Safety Value names to end year. Growth underperformed Values by ~1%.

✈️  Travel nightmare. Thousands of flights canceled over Christmas weekend and continue to be canceled as surging #COVID19 Omicron cases hit flight crew staffing. Likely just near-term impact, but hits hard during busy holiday season. Travel names weak through week.

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