While only two weeks into 2021, the new year has had an explosive start. We’re closely monitoring these 7 trends in Ursa portfolios as we look towards the rest of the year. No Ursa account yet? Download Ursa here!

1. #COVIDRecovery 😷

Vaccines, Stimulus and Reopenings, Oh My! With economic recovery optimism rising, we expect market swings on both progress and delays. Sectors like Retail πŸ› , Travel πŸ›© and Banks 🏦 want COVID-19 in the rearview mirror ASAP!

2. #BlueWave 🌊

Democrats winning both GA Senate seats sets up a much friendlier Congress for Biden’s agenda. We’re looking for more fiscal stimulus, increased infrastructure spending and better coordinated COVID-19 management. Sectors like Banks 🏦 , Consumer πŸ› , and Industrials 🏭 to benefit.

3. #YOLOMoney πŸ€‘

Retail investors accounted for 20% of order flow in 2020. That’s double from a decade ago and contributed to all-time highs in the market. The retail surge likely driven by both more accessibility from apps like Robinhood and particularly increased Millennial savings during COVID-19. Tech πŸ’»especially has benefitted. Does retail trade flow continue as the pandemic restrictions lift?

4. #Flight2Safety πŸ’Έ

While Growth stocks soared in 2020 (+30%), Value stocks traded mostly sideways. We’ve seen the opposite in so far in 2021 (Value +3% YTD & Growth flat) and expect the trend to continue. We expect more rotation into Value plays with attractive valuations and margins of safety.

5. #StreamingWars πŸŽ₯

While a year ago, Netflix was the undisputed Streaming King πŸ‘‘ , but now we have Disney Plus, HBO Max, Peacock all gaining ground. This year the competition really heats up with streaming blockbuster releases and tons of new content. Grab some 🍿 and watch it play out (from home… 😝 ).

6. #RegBigTech πŸ‘©β€βš–οΈ

Should Big Tech πŸ’» be regulated? That’s a question multiple states and countries are taking to court. With recent action taken during Capitol Riots, Big Tech responsibility for content is growing. Big Tech also accounts for the 5 largest companies in the stock market. They’re getting a little too big to claim start-up culture…

7. #Cybersecurity 🚨

Cyberattacks are front and center following the pervasiveness of the SolarWinds hack. However, even the COVID-19 forced WFH movement is creating a slew of new cybersecurity issues for companies formerly centralized in an HQ. We expect an increasing focus on Cybersecurity as a growth market.

While not an exhaustive list of the trends we’re tracking, these are definitely top of mind as we begin 2021. Here’s to a great year! πŸ₯‚

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Original Photo by Vladislav Murashko from Pexels