Weekend Update 5/5/2024

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Markets retrenched in April, but starting May with optimism

🌧️ April showers. The S&P 500 finished April down -4% with markets finally taking a breather after a +10% YTD start. Stalling inflation progress chipped away at investor #RateCuts optimism that has still remained incredibly resilient.

🏦 Fed calms markets. At the April/May meeting, the Fed held rates steady and more cautious given the recent inflation re-acceleration. However, investors still saw a dovish Fed latching on to commentary that that rate hikes were still not back on the table.

️💼 Weakening jobs market? Markets cheered the April jobs report with nonfarm payrolls lower than expected, unemployment rate higher and average hourly earnings lower. The S&P 500 has started May up +2% MTD.

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