Weekend Update 1/15/2024

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Markets rebound on tech optimism from annual CES conference

🎮 CES optimism. The annual CES tech conference boosted growth optimism with numerous announcements and unveilings. Tech led a strong market week with the S&P 500 ending up 1.8%.

🤷‍♂️ Higher inflation ignored. Both overall and core CPI came in slightly higher than expected at 0.3% M/M for December. While markets were a little choppy after, investors mostly shrugged off the higher results as close enough.

️💼 Tech layoffs. It looks like another round of tech layoffs are starting up again. While not as large as the cuts a year ago, we’ll likely continue to see #CorporateBeltTightening as the higher rate environment will likely pressure companies to prune unprofitable businesses.

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