Weekend Update 8/20/2023

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Markets fall again as investors worry the Goldilocks soft landing may not happen…

🏦 More credit crunch. Fitch Ratings warned US bank credit ratings at risk if the US operating environment gets downgraded to ‘aa-‘ potentially triggering a reevaluation of US banks. #CreditCrunch concerns continue to grow.

🛍 Retail too strong. July retail sales grew +0.7% M/M and +3.2% Y/Y as consumer spending stays strong despite #RisingYields and mixed #Recession2023 prospects. Accelerating retails sales doesn’t likely help the case for the Fed to end #RisingYields.

💻 Tech correction. “Goldilocks” soft landing optimism is losing steam with labor markets strong, consumer spending resilient and potentially more rate hikes. The S&P 500 finishes the week lower again down -2% with some high-growth #BigTech entering correction territory off August highs.

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