Weekend Update 8/5/2023

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Volatile markets turbulent as debt downgrade weighs on relatively solid earnings…

🧐 Debt downgrade. Fitch Ratings downgraded the US’s long-term debt rating to AA+ from AAA due to expected fiscal deterioration, growing debt burden and erosion of governance. Questioned by many leading stock thought leaders, but still dragged on wavering markets.

πŸ’Ό Mixed jobs data. July ADP payroll data significantly stronger, but US nonfarm payrolls slightly below expectations. Mixed job data still straddling the line between slowly moderating #LaborMarkets for a soft landing and still too strong for the Fed to end #RisingYields.

🌊 Turbulent earnings. Earnings overall are relatively solid, but perfection is seemingly priced-in. Still some big winners like Amazon, but expectations sky high with disappointment despite beat and raises. Markets pulling back from highs with S&P 500 down -2.3% for the week.

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