Weekend Update 6/10/2023

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S&P 500 exits current bear market with CPI & Fed on tap…

πŸ‚ New bull market? The S&P 500 entered into a new bull market largely driven by bullish #AI optimism. While many still question the rally’s sustainability, the S&P 500 up for the 4th consecutive week with Consumer Discretionary the big winner.

πŸ’Ό Higher unemployment surprise. May unemployment claims rose +12% M/M to 261K surprisingly higher than expected. Potential signal that the resilient #LaborMarkets may be cooling and could bolster the Fed’s #RisingYields pause decision next week.

πŸ₯½ Metaverse Part 2? Apple finally unveiled its new mixed reality headset Vision Pro. Despite being a fad that fizzled out quickly last year, #Metaverse may be hoping for a comeback.

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