Weekend Update 4/16/2023

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Big banks kick off with strong earnings benefiting from #RisingYields

🦅 Fed still hawkish? Fed meeting minutes confirm conflicting priorities between combating #InflationFears and stabilizing #BankingCrisis. Fed debating when to pause #RisingYields, but seems to be setting up another hike in May.

🥶 Inflation cooling. March CPI was up only 5% Y/Y slightly below expectations for 5.2%. The next day, March PPI was released falling to 2.7% Y/Y well below expectations for 4.9%. Markets barely moved on the CPI data, but surged the next day on the PPI beat.

🚀 Bank boost. Another earnings season with banks kicking off. Strong earnings so far as the #BankingCrisis seems to be stabilizing (at least for big banks) and interest income expectations beating driven by #RisingYields. More banks reporting next week.

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