Weekend Update 3/18/2023

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Volatile market as banking system remains in limbo…

🚨   Banking Crisis continues.
While no banks failed during the week, markets swung violently as investors speculated on multiple regional US banks’ ability to stay solvent. Meanwhile, global investment bank Credit Suisse’s troubles drove international banking worries.

πŸ€” Β  Fed speculation.
Just a week ago, markets were trending towards a more aggressive Fed accelerating the rate hike pace back to 50bps. However, given the banking system turmoil, markets have reverted back to lower expectations of maintaining slower #RisingYields.

πŸ€– Β  AI hype train.
OpenAI announced its latest #AI model GPT-4. The new and improved chatbot reignited the #AI hype train. Market wise, investors funneled into #BigTech on anticipation of potential use cases and well as Semis for data center infrastructure build out.

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