Weekend Update 1/16/2023

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Markets double down on green as New Year rally continues

🎅  Santa came late. Markets extended their bullish start to 2023. S&P 500 up another 3% and now over 4% YTD. Bolstered by slowing #InflationFears and cooling labor market, investors looking (again) for the end of #RisingYields.

😴  CPI snoozer. Dec CPI fell to 6.5% Y/Y from 7.1% in Nov and in-line with forecasts. The decline was largely driven by energy as core CPI declined less to 5.7% from 6%. Markets maintained earlier week gains without much volatility-potential sign #InflationFears waning.

🏦  Bank earnings. Earnings season began with banks up first. Results weren’t too surprising, but credit reserves are building in anticipation of #RecessionWatch 2023. More banks on tap this week.

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