New accounts can earn 25,000 reward points (redeemable for $25 in portfolio stock)!

Use your referral code to both instantly receive a bonus 2,000 points for signing up and also earn 25,000 points along with your friend!

Check off a 2023 resolution and start investing with Ursa! (or earn bonuses for referring others to start… 😏)

New accounts can receive 25,000 reward points redeemable for $25 of portfolio stock over their first 90 days. Qualifying new accounts must be fully funded in within the promotion period with at least $100. 1

Refer friends and both receive an extra 2,000 points for signing up (no funding required). PLUS you’ll also receive the new account bonus of 25,000 points with your friend! 2

How It Works 3 4
  1. Referral sign-up → 2,000 points
  2. Opens account → 5,000 points (after deposit)
  3. 30 day anniversary → 5,000 more points
  4. 60 day anniversary → 5,000 more points
  5. 90 day anniversary → 10,000 more points

Promotion Period starts January 11, 2023 and ends February 15, 2023. To qualify for the promotion, a Qualifying User must have signed up on Ursa’s platform with a verified email. To qualify for the promotion, a Qualifying Account must be open and funded. Ursa reserves the right to disqualify any user or account for fraud, deception, manipulation, illegal activity or other violation at its sole discretion. This promotion may be modified, canceled or withdrawn at any time at Ursa’s sole discretion. All rewards subject to all terms and conditions of our Ursa Reward Program Terms.
1 The New Account Bonus is offered to Qualifying Accounts opened and funded within the Promotion Period. The New Account Bonus is an initial 5,000 Ursa Reward Point airdrop upon initial deposit. As long as the new account remains a Qualifying Account, a 5,000 Ursa Reward Point airdrop will be received after 30 days; a 5,000 point airdrop after 60 days; and a 10,000 point airdrop after 90 days.
2 The Referral Bonus is offered to Qualifying Referees who signed up for Ursa within the Promotion Period. Qualifying Referees are Qualifying Users that signed up with a verified email using the Referrer’s unique referral code and successfully completed onboarding through collecting initial reward points. Qualifying Referrers will also receive the Referral Bonus as long as the Qualifying Referrers retains Qualifying User status. The Referral Bonus is limited to 10 referrals per Qualifying User.
3 Promotional rewards will be distributed in-app as airdrops after the corresponding event has occurred or time period has passed. Rewards must be claimed in-app. Rewards will not be distributed if account is closed. Rewards may be retracted for manipulation, fraud, deception or any other illegal activity at Ursa’s sole discretion.
4 Rewards Points are redeemable for portfolio stock in 10,000 point increments ($10). Unredeemed points hold no monetary value. Once redeemed, monetary value of reward point redemption must be held in accounts for at least 1 year before withdrawn. Closed accounts forfeit any redeemed rewards not held for at least 1 year.