Weekend Update 1/8/2023

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Markets look to forget 2022 starting 2023 bullishly green

💸  No 2023 rate cuts? Dec Fed meeting minutes released with no official expecting #RisingYields rate cuts in 2023. Cautiously optimistic with recent CPI declines, Fed still looking for more evidence of sustained #InflationFears downtrend.

💼  Year of the Labor (Market). New jobs slowed in Dec to 223K down from 256K in Nov. Wage growth slowed too. Some optimism for investors with Fed #RisingYields focus now on slowing hot labor market. S&P 500 surged Friday up +2.5% ending otherwise red week up +1.5%.

💻  Deeper Big Tech cuts. #BigTech seems poised for deeper layoffs. Amazon cutting 18K jobs beginning Jan 18. Salesforce also confirmed plans to cut 10%. We saw the beginning of #CorporateBeltTightening in 2022, but expect more in 2023 with #RecessionWatch looming.

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