Weekend Update 11/27/2022

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Strong online Black Friday sales with consumer spending unabated by inflation

🇨🇳  More China lockdowns. China locked down southern metropolis Guangzhou’s largest district reimposing strict zero-COVID policy despite supposedly relaxing #COVID19 measures the prior week. Global #RecessionWatch fears rising given China’s significant economic impact.

🚀  Fed Fuel. Fed meeting minutes released Wednesday bolsters sentiment that officials are looking to decelerate #RisingYields pace. Fed currently expected to slow rate hike to 50bps (from 75bps) at December meeting.

🛍  Black Friday strength. Early estimates signal record online Black Friday sales despite sparse in-store crowds. Seems holiday shoppers undeterred by #InflationFears and #RecessionWatch. Compounds earlier spending strength highlighted in strong Mall stocks earnings.

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