Weekend Update 11/20/2022

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Mixed retail data shows consumer confidence cooling

🏦  Not restrictive yet. Fed officials pouring some cold water on recent Fed pivot rally sentiment. Fed Governor Waller noted we still “got a ways to go” with #RisingYields. Fed President Bullard thinks rates aren’t restrictive yet either and targeting 5-5.25% minimum to get there (currently at 3.75-4%).

🥶  Pivot rally cools. Markets gave back some of the prior week’s rally with S&P 500 slightly down for the week. #RecessionResilient sector rotation with Healthcare and Staples rising and #Flight2Safety Value outperforming roughly flat.

🛍  Consumer trading down. Déjà vu… Walmart crushes earnings again driven by higher income customer mix “trading down” while Target whiffs on pull back in discretionary purchases. While overall spending still seems healthy, it may be just keeping up with higher #InflationFears pricing.

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