Weekend Update 11/6/2022

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Fed extinguishes Oct yield pivot sentiment rally

🔥  October heat. Markets rebounded strongly in Oct with S&P 500 finishing up 8% for the month. Lots of anticipation building all month for potential Fed pivot language to signal the end of #RisingYields on the horizon.

💦  Fed extinguishes rally. As expected, the Fed hiked rates 75bps and signaled slowing #RisingYields rate hike in Dec may be appropriate. However, the Fed squashed the notion that lowering rates would follow shortly after. S&P 500 falls -3% to start Nov as investors continue to be too optimistic on Fed policy.

🌥  Jobs starting to cool? US gained 261K new jobs in October, but unemployment rose. Signs hot labor market still strong, but may be starting to moderate. Given all the recent #CorporateBeltTightening layoffs, we’d expect the job market to start to cool.

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