Weekend Update 9/18/2022

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Market tumbles as inflation not declining as quickly as hoped

💸  Inflation expectations reset. August CPI showed inflation growing 8.3% above the expected 8.1% while core CPI grew to 6.3%. Investors were likely pricing in even lower whisper numbers expecting sharp inflation declines to re-rally markets. S&P 500 tumbled over -4% on Tuesday on the return of #InflationFears.

🏦  Yield projections steepen. 10-year treasury yield rose +4% last week expecting hawkish Fed commentary next week. With #InflationFears declining slower, near-term #RisingYields now expected to target 4.5% from prior 4%. A 75 bps hike is expected next week.

️📦  Shipping volume tumbles. FedEx warns macro conditions materially deteriorated as weak shipping volume trends accelerating. Given logistics role in larger global economy, #RecessionWatch alarms ringing as resilient spending may be finally teetering into #ConsumerNoConfidence. S&P 500 finishes down -5% for week.

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