Weekend Update 8/21/2022

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Peaking inflation rally cools as hawkish sentiment resurfaces

🥖 Consumer worries? Retail lifted on Walmart’s beat, but fell on Target’s whiff. Seems Walmart gained from higher income consumer shifting to staples like food and toiletries, while Target lost out on that discretionary spend crushing margins. We’re likely still in the early innings of #ConsumerNoConfidence.

♟ Next Fed move? Fed remains focused on raising #RisingYields to “restrictive” levels to slow #InflationFears growth. No real surprise, but markets likely were hoping for more dovish commentary (vs. a vanilla “stay the course” comment) to continue current inflation rally.

🥶 Inflation rally cools. Bullish sentiment cooling as Fed doesn’t seem as dovish on #RisingYields as investors hoped. S&P 500 breaks 4-week green streak and finishes down -1% for week.

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