Weekend Update 1/17/2022

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Market euphoria as July inflation finally slows off peak

🗻  Peaking inflation. August 12-month CPI was roughly flat M/M and decelerated more than expected growing only 8.5% Y/Y (from June’s 9.1%). However, largely driven by falling gas prices as food and housing continued to climb and core CPI remained flat. Markets celebrating data reinforcing last month’s peaking #InflationFears hype.

🛍  Confident Consumer. University of Michigan’s consumer sentiment index showed #ConsumerNoConfidence improvement in August likely driven by average gas price falling below $4. Related, July consumer spending data showed +7% growth largely echoing CPI with increasing rents more than offsetting declining gas prices. Stronger consumer sentiment bolstered the peaking inflation euphoria.

🚀  “Risk ON” continues. Market “Risk ON” rally continued as S&P 500 climbed another +3%-now up +13% since June. Growth has led the rally up +18% vs. Value up only +9%. Investors seem to be looking for the end of #RisingYields by end of year.

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