Weekend Update 7/31/2022

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Strong July finish as opportunistic investors hope for inflation peak

汕 Another 75 bps hike.July Fed meeting ends with another 75 bps #RisingYields rate hike. Economy slowing, but job gains robust and unemployment remains low. Peaking #InflationFears and #RecessionWatch soft landing sentiment driving bullish market rally.

戊 GDP shrinks.Q2 US GDP fell -0.9% annualized on weaker consumer spending, housing and business investment. Still not officially a recession yet with Q1 up 1.6%, but investors view as another signal #InflationFears peaking. S&P 500 finished strong July up +4.3% in final week.

撢 Strong or weak consumer?Mixed#ConsumerNoConfidencesignals with strong credit card spending particularly#RevengeTravel, but demand forecasts lower in retail. Seems companies continue to prepare for a downturn, but consumers still spending. Does spending strength taper-off going to Fall? Something to monitor.

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