Weekend Update 6/12/2022

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Continuing high inflation dampens hopes for Fed rate hike adjustment in fall

🎈  Inflation growth resumes. May 12-month CPI grew +8.6%. While still likely peaking, optimistic investors disappointed hoping for March being the #InflationFears peak and continuing April’s slight decline. New 40-year high readout likely dampens hopes for Fed reassessing #RisingYields plan and may force Fed to get even more aggressive.

⛽️  National gas hits $5. Average US gas prices reach an all-time high this week breaching $5 per gallon just 3 months after hitting $4. Last time, we breached $4 was during in 2008. Combined with #RisingYields, investors increasing #RecessionWatch odds. New inflation data only fanning the flames. S&P 500 tumbled over -5% this week.

🛍  Target warns again. Target cut profit outlook just weeks after stunning Retail sector with already poor guidance. Investors getting rattled by wavering #ConsumerNoConfidence as #COVIDRecovery demand may decline due to ongoing elevated #InflationFears.

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