Weekend Update 6/5/2022

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Financial “hurricane” warning as investors debate recession forecast

🌪  Hurricane warning. Banking CEO Jamie Dimon warns of economic “hurricane” brewing with storm of macro issues like #UkraineCrisis#SupplyScare#InflationFears and #RisingYields. Markets continues to debate #RecessionWatch odds.

🛢  Oil boost. OPEC agreed to increase oil production by almost 50% in July and Aug-could partially offset shortage driven by sanctions against Russia for atrocities in #UkraineCrisis. Crude oil prices initially dipped, but recovered as producers may not adjust as quickly.

💼  Strong jobs report. US added 390K new jobs in May-higher than expected signaling continued economic strength. It was a double-edged sword as strength also makes it less likely for Fed to adjust aggressive #RisingYields hikes in fall. S&P 500 ends down -1% in volatile short week.

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