Weekend Update 4/24/2022

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New rate hike forecasts expecting 75 bps in May

💸  Hiked expectations. Fed commentary setting table for aggressive #RisingYields likely erring on too hawkish to combat unabating #InflationFears. New forecasts projecting 75bps hike (0.75%). Markets freefall on Friday over potentially very hawkish incoming rate environment.

😬  Recession concerns. Surprisingly light earnings week as investors continue to turn attention towards #RecessionWatch. 10-year treasury yields continue to climb up +3% to new YTD high. Market risk appetite continues to pullback with Growth down -4% vs. Value down -2%. Overall S&P 500 down -3% for week.

📺  Net-flop. End of an era with Netflix reporting declining subscribers in Q1 blamed on competition, saturated markets, macro uncertainty and unpaid password sharing. Bloodbath on Thursday with shares down -35% and tanking #StreamingWars rivals. Bearish read thru extended to other #COVID19 restriction beneficiaries.

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