Weekend Update 4/3/2022

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Recession worries as yield curve inverts

📉  Yields invert. 10-year treasury yield fell -5% from last week’s YTD peak. Yields briefly inverted sending markets sharply lower Thursday. A flattening yield curve signals economic weakness and particularly an inverted yield curve is a potential leading indicator for incoming recession.

🇺🇦  Shifting tides? Ukraine retaking some areas around capital Kiev as Russia claims to be withdrawing troops. With shelling attacks continuing, Russia appears to be repositioning deployments. Market sentiment rollercoaster as investors digest daily new #UkraineCrisis developments.

🛍  Consumer demand waning? Leading semi manufacturer TSMC warns global demand for electronics starting to slow as component and material costs rise. Consumer demand likely influenced by #InflationFears pricing and #RisingYields impact on economy.

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