Weekend Update 3/13/2022

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Oil surges on new sanctions, but moderates on potential OPEC supply increase

🛢  Weaponizing oil. US adds new #UkraineCrisis sanction banning Russian oil sending crude oil prices surging. However, OPEC member UAE signaled willingness to increase supply (potentially offsetting Russia ban impact). Crude oil prices fell -12% from highs on Wed while markets cheered surging -3%.

💸  Accelerating inflation. Feb 12-month CPI grew 7.9% as #InflationFears showing no signs of moderating near-term. Feb data also wouldn’t yet show impact from #UkraineCrisis. 10-year treasury yield rebounds +16% last week almost back to pre-war high. Fed March meeting on tap this week.

️🐻  NASDAQ in bear market. First #RisingYields and now #UkraineCrisis has tech-heavy NASDAQ down into bear market territory. Growth has significantly underperformed YTD down -17% vs. Value only down -5%. More balanced S&P 500 down another -3% this week and -12% for the year.

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