Weekend Update 1/17/2022

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Stagnant market ahead of earnings season

🥱  Dec inflation hits 7%. Dec 12-month CPI hit 7% up from Nov’s 6.8% reading. Viewing #InflationFears potentially moderating, investors initially cheered results Wed though optimism lost stream by end of day.

🧐  Stagnant market. Markets struggling for direction as investors remain focused on #RisingYields. Some analysts now predicting 4 rate hikes this year while Fed trying to soothe markets saying emergency policies can be removed without negative impact to economy. Growth rotation moderated this week, but still underperforming vs. Value.

️🛍  Retail sales miss. Dec retail sales dropped -2% vs. flat expectations. While potentially due to earlier Nov holiday shopping, investors fearing other factors including cautious #InflationFears spending, lower #SupplyScare stock and slower #COVIDRecovery pace. Consumer weaker this week particularly Discretionary.

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