Weekend Update 6/20/2021

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Dots and plots and yields, oh my! 💸

💸 Rate bump in 2023? Fresh Fed commentary-(1) rate hike accelerating with potential double rate bump in 2023 and (2) 2022 bump likelihood increasing with dot plot up to 7 of 18 (up from 4 last month). S&P 500 ended down -2% for the week.

🤷‍♂️  Transient mindset benefitting Growth. Investors continue largely shaking off #InflationFears viewing high inflation as transient and more confident in Fed continuing support. While just breakeven for week, Growth outperformed Value which was down -4%.

🔪 Financial bloodbath. Financial sector sharply fell -6%-battered as yield curve flattened from Fed commentary. 10-year treasury yield down -4% (including -6% in final two days).

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