Weekend Update 2/20/2023

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January CPI shows inflation declines slowing…

😬  Inflation decline slows. January CPI slightly falling to 6.4% from 6.5% in December. Forecasts were lower at 6.2% potentially highlighting more stubborn #InflationFears. While volatile, markets shook off the miss and still held Monday’s gains-ending roughly flat on Valentine’s Day.

🪂  Soft landing hopes Meanwhile, more macro data with January Retail sales up 3% and Wholesale pricing up 0.7%-both were above expectations. On one hand, strong economic data potentially leads to a softer #Recession2023 landing; on the other, it also likely forces more aggressive #RisingYields.

💸  Higher rates? Markets have rallied YTD on hopes that #RisingYields end after March. However, with stubborn #InflationFears, hikes may extend through June. Markets started losing momentum Thursday with the S&P 500 ending slightly lower last week.

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