Weekend Update 1/23/2022

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Nasdaq in correction; S&P_500 not too far behind

😳  Fearful markets. Widespread market fears of new macro environment with aggressive #RisingYields. While last two year’s mantra was “buy the dip”, 2022 looking more like “sell the rally”. S&P 500 fell almost -6% last week with every day ending down despite fleeting intraday gains. High-growth and tech heavy NASDAQ already in correction down -14% since mid-Nov peak.

🎮  Major Metaverse M&A. Major merger news with Microsoft (MSFT) announcing acquisition of Activision (ATVI) for $69B likely to propel MSFT into gaming #Metaverse player. However, we wonder if FTC antitrust concerns stall or blocks deal between leading console Xbox maker MSFT vertically integrating largest US gaming publisher ATVI.

🎬  Streaming slowdown. While adding 8.3M subscribers in Q4, Netflix guided Q1 net adds to only 2.9M or just over 1% Q/Q growth. Significantly below expectations, shares plummeted -22% on Friday. Despite being more likely due to Netflix’s own market share ceiling than industry issues, rivals in #StreamingWars also dropped Friday on the negative read thru.

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